Four Paws Dog Rescue 

   Helping dogs in need everywhere
We are a group of dedicated dog lovers  that have worked in dog rescue for many years, we have worked with other rescues in the past,  but recently (2017) we got the opportunity to start our own dog rescue, our mission is to  help and re-home any unwanted dog in our area and surrounding areas that comes into our care, we also offer a lifetime  of support  to  help and  advise should it ever be needed.

Our rescue will also be in memory of a very dedicated, passionate lady that helped us help thousands of dogs get a second chance in life, this lady is Bernie Leigh.

 'Four paws  dog rescue'
in loving memory of this Doggy guardian angel. 
Help us to help our rescue dogs. Every penny counts, whether you can donate just a few pence, or setup a regular monthly donation, our dogs will be grateful!

We use PayPal to securely process donations and all funds raised go diretly towards helping our rescue dogs.

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We Love Dogs!
We believe that dogs are at their best and happiest when integrated into a loving family environment. Many of the dogs in our care haven’t had the best start in life, our policy is to re-home them into a loving and happy environment, where they will become a loved part of the adopting family.
For this reason, we prefer adopting families where the dog will be allowed access to most of the family home, especially when the family members are at home, and be allowed to sleep indoors.
For anyone who intends to let their dog sleep outside in a kennel or any other outside area, or to keep the dog permanently outside, then one of our rescue dogs is not for you.

How it works
Health check policy
No surprises
​​All our rescue dogs are quarantined for 10-14 days so we can observe them for any problems or illnesses they may have. 

All our dogs are inoculated, wormed, neutered / spayed and micro chipped, they also have a full health check by our veterinary surgeon before they go to their new FOREVER homes.

All potential new families will be home checked, vet checked and must visit the dog several times before a decision is made by ourselves.

We do try and help as many dogs as we can so therefore we do ask for a  minimum donation of £175 this helps to cover the vet cost etc 

All our adoptees are fully vaccinated, wormed, neutered / spayed and chipped prior to adoption.

They will have also had a vet check to confirm general good health. 
​However we cannot guarantee the absence of any congenital health problems to which some breeds are prone.

You will also get Five weeks of free Agria pet insurance,  for your new family member.
The full cost of any vet fees, treatment subsequent to the day of adoption must be borne by the new owners.

We do NOT allow the re-homing of any dogs as a “surprise” nor as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or anyother type of gift.​​​

It is of the utmost importance that the whole family, including any other dogs/cats etc in the family, meet and greet the potential new family member.

If necessary we can arrange to bring the chosen dog to your home to see how he/she reacts with any small furries you may have.

“every dog deserves love"

 we will help as many dogs as we possibly can, our aim is to make life better for all dogs, especially the rescue dogs in our care, to help them get into the loving home they deserve, to educate people about dogs needs, welfare and training.